& Crisis Management

With the raise of ransomware demands and sophisticated APT threat actors, attempting to disrupt business continuity, along with the challenges of the new hybrid work models, we had to adapt. Our response team is distributed around the globe and successfully resolved dozens of highly complex incidents with zero presence in clients’ premises. Our Crisis Management suite of services includes:


  • Fully-fledged Crisis Management team to solve any security incident

  • Forensics investigations and malware analysis

  • Negotiations with insurance, legal, regulatory bodies, local law enforcements and attackers

  • Take full ownership in containing the attack and segregate infected environments using special isolation technology 

  • Walk clients through recovery steps up to full recovery and business continuity


Hackers nowadays find extremely sophisticated ways to infiltrate corporate networks and plant malware. Technology with known vulnerabilities is a dangerous backdoor. Hence, we developed a reporting mechanism that allows our clients to expedite their patching on all possible applications and software distributions.


Our team:

  • Follow emerging threats and TTPs of hacking groups

  • Focus the client on what's important and relevant

  • Rapidly compile reports with recommendations and actions items

  • Deliver highly-focused content related only to client technology

  • Expose threats and increasing security posture

  • Educate technical personnel and raising awareness


Receiving casual threat intelligence feeds has been proven to be a vital component for establishing a holistic approach to better protect the business from unpatched technology and unmanaged devices.


Our team of global cyber threat researchers spread around the world, continuously monitoring and analyzing suspicious traffic. Acting as crucial layer of resilience, the team monitors, flags and responds to any abnormal activity in real-time, preventing escalation of any potential attack.

To deliver the best protection, we established a Follow-The-Sun methodology.

Our Blue Team services includes:

  • Tier-1 triage of dangerous software, unmanaged devices and phishing detections

  • Tier-2 triage of malicious or suspicious behavior, exploitation attempts and sandbox investigations

  • Tier-3 for reverse engineering malware, forensics investigations and incident response

  • Threat intelligence feeds upon emerging threats

  • Emergency call, email and notifications via designated Pager platform

  • Detailed reports and recommendations for each finding and incident

  • Robust communication with client technical and non-technical teams

  • Respond to alerts within seconds to minutes

  • Assistance with hardening and implementations of best practices to increase security posture


Aiming to protect and prevent vulnerabilities on all fronts, our team initiates hacking simulations on infrastructure, cloud, web and mobile environments to identify and block threats.

our CEO is a world-renowned researcher with numerous credits, critical reported 0-days in IoT devices and frequent speaker in hacking conference around the globe. We single-handedly picked each of our Red Team members based on skills, credits and experiences. Our global team has dozens of years of accumulated experience and holds globally recognized OSCP and OSWE certificates.

Our Multi-layered Red Team services includes:

  • On-demand tailored penetration tests for web and mobile applications

  • Code review and SSDLC (Security Development Lifecycle)

  • Investigation of exploitation attempts

  • Training & Awareness

  • Phishing campaigns & Analytics

  • Responsible Disclosure

  • Real-time response to security events communicated by the Blue Team

  • Weekly proactive assessments of internal & external business perimeter